Closing Work orders

Whether it's seasonal maintenance or repairs, staying current on Work orders is an essential part of property management. Your Rentec Direct property management software provides you the tools to be prompt with repairs, maintenance and budgeting.

Your tenants and property owners will stay up-to-date on a work order's status through automated email notifications when you update or close a work order.

How to Close a Work Order

Closing Work orders in your Rentec Direct account is quick and easy.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. From the Summary tab, click on the green, "Open Work orders" tab
  2. Click on the Work order you are ready to close
  3. Using the dropdown by Status, select Closed

  4. Click Save Changes

System Advice: Make sure the notes are complete and you have expensed the charges to the Property or the Property and the Tenant (if the Tenant is responsible), prior to closing.

Note: By default your software allows tenants to submit work orders through their Tenant Portal. Owners can view orders assigned to them in their Owner Portal. You and your tenants will receive email notifications of updates and status changes, including when a work order has been closed.

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