Email Sent was not Received

Emails are sent using an authenticated mail system with a high deliverability rate to help ensure your recipients receive your messages. However, there may be times when an email sent from your Rentec Direct property management software was not received by the recipient. We've put together the most common reasons why an email may not have been received and suggestions for resolving the issue.

The email address located in Your Contact Information is used to send notifications. It is also used when messages are sent to tenants, vendors, and property owners. using our software program. 

By default, emails sent from the Rentec Direct software will show you or your company's name in the "From" field, and any replies will go directly to your email address. To verify or change the email address used:

In your Rentec Direct account:
a) Click on  Settings
b) Under  Account, click on Your Contact Information
c) Update  Email
d) Click on  Save Changes

Click this link to learn more about Sending Email Messages to Tenants, Owners, and Vendors with your Rentec Direct account.

Dropbox and E-sign Mail Delivery Issues

If recipients are not receiving emails, messages, or documents to be signed that were sent through your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Verify the email address of the recipient is correct in your account
  2. Have the recipient check their junk, spam, and trash to see if the email went there
  3. The recipient may have blocked previous emails or marked them as spam
  4. There may be an anti-spam protection filter built into the recipient security system that sees the message as spam and may delete the email before it's received
  5. Yahoo and AOL email addresses may cause you issues when using Rentec Direct. Due to their strict policies, If you are using an AOL or Yahoo email address they may not allow you to send emails out using a program like ours. If you use default emailing through Rentec Direct, you may want to use an email address other than Yahoo or AOL.  

    Pro Tip: We've found that Google or Gmail accounts seem to work best. For more information, see A Note About Yahoo and AOL Email Accounts

Email Failure to Deliver Notice

You may receive an Email Failure to Deliver Notice, which would be different than an email that was sent but not received. The most common reasons you would receive this message are:

  1. Invalid Email address - The email address you are attempting to send a message to is invalid (does not verify as a valid email address)
  2. Recipient marked as spam - If someone marks an email as spam, any future messages sent from that email address will not get delivered to the recipient, and they will not be able to receive email messages from you for 90 days. There is no way to change this timeline; you must wait 90 days until the spam label is removed, and you can email that address again. You may want to obtain an alternate email address until the 90 days expire.
  3. Amazon SES Suppression list - Rentec Direct uses Amazon web services to send emails. Occasionally an email address may show up on an Amazon SES "Suppression List". An address shows up on the suppression list if the email account bounces too many times or is reported as spam by the recipient. We do not remove emails from the suppression list because they are added to the list for a reason. The tenant will need to provide you with another email address if they would like to be able to receive emails from you.

Pro Tip: More information can be found at Email Failure to Deliver Notice

Possible Solutions

If you've verified that you were able to send a message and the information you have for the recipient is correct, but they are still not receiving the message:

  1. Have the recipient add your email address to their Trusted or Safe Senders list (Whitelist)
    1. Whitelist Guide for AOL
    2. Whitelist Guide for Yahoo
  2. Have the recipient request their e-mail provider or security system Whitelist your e-mail address
  3. Have the recipient make sure there aren't filters for files that may contain macros if the email has an attachment
  4. If the recipient uses Outlook for their email, there are two places where Spam mail can be found. Within the Inbox, there is a Focused and Other tab as well as a standard Junk Email folder. They will want to check the Other and Junk Email folder.
  5. There are a few clients that may have an advanced delivery setup (which is no longer an option). To verify your settings are set to the mail system that has a high deliverability rate:
    In your Rentec Direct account:
    a) Click on  Settings
    b) Under Program select Program Defaults
    c) Under General Preferences change Email Handling to Default
    d) Click on Save Changes
  6. Have the recipient provide a different email address.
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