Assigning Property Managers To Properties

You can setup an unlimited number of property managers in Rentec PM and assign them to properties.  Once done, the property manager's contact information (if it differs from the main account) will appear on:

  • Tenant statements
  • Tenant invoices
  • Online listings & syndication
  • Online applications

This feature is especially useful if you have numerous properties, some of which are managed out of a separate office.  You can setup a property manager with a different address so when invoices are returned by tenants they are returned to the appropriate office.  Likewise, the specific property manager handling a property will receive all online application notifications.  This feature is what makes a multi-manager office function.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Settings, Manage User Accounts and create a new application user for your property manager.  If you have already done this, skip to step 2.
  2. Visit Settings, Property Managers.  Click the edit icon on the right to open up the edit window for a property manager.  Specify that property manager's contact information.
  3. Visit the Properties tab, and edit any properties being managed by this property manager.   In the Property Manager drop-down option, select the property manager you just added.
  4. Click Save.   You're all done.

Repeat this process for any additional property managers.  If you have your application user accounts restricted to only be able to view some properties, when you specify an application user as a property manager for a property they will automatically be granted access to that property. There is no need to also edit their permissions.

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