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This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

If you have a property that accepts Section 8 rent payments as part of the total monthly rent for a property, Rentec offers an easy way to track both the charges and income received separately from your tenant’s.

The first part of the setup requires that you define a new income category. To do so, head to your Settings tab and select "Setup Categories."  Select "Add Category" in the upper left portion of the screen.  (You can either let the program automatically choose a category number for this new income code or you can enter a custom reference number.)

add a new category

Now that you have your income code created for Section 8 payments, you will want to establish the rent division between Section 8 and the tenant.  To do this, the program has you create a roommate scenario for this property, with one roommate being the actual tenant and the other roommate being Section 8.  This will track rent charges and income received separately in individual ledgers yet reflect both payments in one property ledger.  By posting respective rents to separate income codes, you will also be able to pull delinquency reports and know if the tenant or the Section 8 portion of rent has been paid. To learn more about how to enter roommates into the program, click

Now for entering in the roommate. For the actual tenant, move them into the property like you normally would - through the Property tab, by clicking on "Place New Tenant."

property tab and place new tenant

From the "Place New Tenant" screen, you will want to list the rent charge to be only the tenant's portion of rent. Same applies to deposits, late fees, etc. Here is an example:edit the rent for a new tenant

Once you've added your tenant to the property, you will want to add Section 8 as the roommate. Follow the steps you did above for placing a new tenant, except in this instance,  use the information related to Section 8 only.

add Section 8 as the tenant

Select ‘Option 2 - Keep Separate’. We recommend that you enter (Section 8) after the tenant's last name in the Last Name field... in the example below, it's entered as Gilliam (Section 8).

This will make it easy to find both the original tenant and the Section 8 account on the Tenants tab. Be sure to indicate whether or not you will charge Section 8 a late fee, if the grace period applies and any other details that do or don't apply to Section 8.
section 8 tenant

When you go back to your Tenants tab, you will see both the regular tenant ledger and the Section 8 ledger related to this tenant.

section 8 ledger

When you receive rent payments for this property, be sure to enter the payment into the appropriate ledger and selecting the appropriate income category.

select the income category
**** If you need to adjust the tenant's rental amount, head to the Settings tab, select Recurring Transactions, find the recurring transaction you need to adjust and select the pencil/paper icon next to their monthly charge. Be sure to only change the rental amount from this screen so as to not accidentally adjust any other system defaults. tags: Sec.8,Section 8,Housing,HUD

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