Electronic signatures (HelloSign)

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Sending an Electronic Signature Envelope to tenants or owners
Under  Tenants Tab or Accounts Tab  > right click on the tenant or owner that you would like to send form to> Forms > choose the form you would like to send out from the form drop down at the top. If you'd like to send a test first, feel free to choose that option OR send live signature by clicking 'send out for electronic signature".
Checking the status of an electronic signature envelope 

Open the Summary page . Click on the Quick access links blue tab at the bottom left> eSign > you can choose to show pending, completed, and/or voided/declined envelopes by filtering your search on the left hand side.

To view the detailed status of your signature envelope click on  Detailed Status  blue hyperlink next to your envelope. This will allow you to see who has signed and date signed, who is up next to sign, and who is in queue to sign after that. 

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