Co-Renter Portals

Detailed Training Video

A training video to share with your tenants can be found here: Discover Your Tenant Portal | Pay Rent, Submit Maintenance Requests

Enable Co-Renter Portal Instructions

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on the Tenants tab.
  2. Right-click on a co-renter and select Edit Tenant from the menu.

    Tenant Tab menu edit tenant option
  3. On the Edit Tenant screen, enter the email address for the co-renter (this will be their username).
  4. Check the Enable Portal box. 
  5. Generate a password for the tenant by clicking on the paper-pencil icon next to where it says Password. A box will pop up where you can create a custom password or have the system auto-generate one for you by clicking the green circle arrows icon

    NoteThey have the ability to change this when in the portal, however, if they ever need the password reset, then you will need to do it for them on this page. 
  6. To prompt an email notice to your tenant with login and password instructions, click the Email Tenant box.

    Important NoteIf the Email Tenant box on this page is not, nothing will be sent to the tenant and you will need to repeat this step.
  7. Click the Submit button

    resetting co-renter portal password
  8. The Tenant Details page will appear. Click the Save Changes button. 

    save changes on co-renter tenant detail page

  9. Important Note
    : If you believe you have enabled the portal but the tenant is not able to login, you may have inadvertently forgotten to click the Enable Portal, Email Notifications, or Save Changes button.  

Sample Auto-Generated Portal Email

Sample tenant portal email password instructions

Accessing the Portal and Tenant Portal View

Beyond your custom web address, tenants can also access their portal at this universal web address:

Within the portal, the co-renter is presented with a Summary tab, Statement tab, Repairs tab, Payments tab (if enabled), Files tab (if you have shared any files with the tenant, and a Settings tab.  

  • Summary tab displays at a glance information on last payment received, next payment due, total currently due and a payment history chart.
  • Statement tab shows every charge and payment posted individually by date in an informative ledger.
  • Repairs tab allows co-tenants to submit work orders through their portal. Once they have submitted a work order you will be notified via email and will also see a wrench icon appear on the property. 

    Important NoteMake sure your email notification is enabled by heading to the Settings tab and choose Program Defaults.
  • Payments tab will display if your account is set up for EasyPay to allow your tenants to pay rent online. 

    Information about merchant processing for EasyPay can be found here: Online Payment Processing - EasyPay Merchant
  • Files tab gives co-tenants the ability to view files from the File Library that you have chosen to share with them through their portal. This tab displays with the first shared file. 
  • Settings tab allows your co-renters to update their email address, password, and email notification preferences. 
view of tenant portal tabs

A training video to share with your tenants can be found here: Discover Your Tenant Portal | Pay Rent, Submit Maintenance Requests

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