Resident Connect Mobile App of the Tenant Portal

Resident Connect by Rentec Direct is a free mobile app for renters to access their Tenant Portal from a smartphone or tablet. Through the app, you can give your renters the ability to:

  • Pay rent online. 
  • Submit maintenance requests.
  • Review their statements.
  • Receive and review property notices. 

The Resident Connect mobile app also gives your renters access to a File Library where you can choose to share copies of their lease agreement, addendums, important notices, and more. 

Resident Connect by Rentec Direct app

Resident Connect Benefits for Landlords

Give your residents a convenient way to pay rent online, report maintenance issues, view statements, and review important documents and notices easily with the Resident Connect mobile app in hand. 

More Rent Received = Less Late Payment Hassle 

Renters are more likely to pay rent online than by cash or check so it makes sense to give your renters the easiest way to pay. Tenants can securely enter their bank account information and schedule one-time payments or recurring monthly rent payments. They also have the option to pay by credit or debit card. 

Landlords who enable online rent payment options are more likely to get paid on time, which means you'll be spending less time tracking down late payments. 

Protect Your Property and Reduce Stress

A maintenance issue reported quickly and easily can help prevent a small repair issue from escalating into a large costly project. This hassle-free maintenance reporting solution you provide your tenants can encourage them to bring a small issue to your attention before it becomes more serious.  

Your renters will be able to 'Report an Issue', write a description of the concern, and upload a few photos. Those maintenance requests are synced to your Rentec Direct property management software which gives you the ability to set the priority, email a vendor, keep notes, and much more. 

Improve Landlord-Tenant Relations

Resident Connect mobile app is a convenient communication tool that allows you to share important notifications, addendums, leases, and other documents to keep your tenants well informed. Having more ways to communicate to your tenants and residents improves your landlord-tenant relations which means less turnover and higher occupancy rates. 

Resident Connect app on Samsung and iPhone

Resident Connect | Easy to Find, Easy to Use

The Resident Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app is available in the Google Play and Apple App from these links below.

Tenant Resources for You

We have also created tenant resources such as instructional videos and handouts for you to use to educate your residents on how to download and use these and other great resources.

Welcome letters, training videos, and other tenant resources can be found here: Tenant Resources for Rentec Direct Clients

Have questions? Connect with the Rentec Direct Success Team at 800-881-5139, by email to, or by using the online chat within the software.

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