Ledger Date Selection

There are filter settings in the top-left corner of each ledger giving you an option to select a date range.   Similar to the reports panels you can quickly select commonly used date ranges such as “year to date”, “this month”, “this quarter”, “last quarter”, “last year”, etc.

Filter dates for Rentec Direct ledger

Need to refine your search further?  No problem!  You can also define specific dates by choosing “Custom” from the selector and entering your own custom dates too.  Whatever your selection, we’ll save your preference so when you switch between ledgers or log back in tomorrow, your last setting will always be automatically saved.

Loading a long ledger with thousands of entries is now possible.  Just make sure you are using an up to date web browser. If you are on a slower or older computer, it’s generally best to keep the selection on a limited range such as “this year” or “this quarter” so you don’t overwhelm your computer with more data than it wants to handle.

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