Tenant Refunds

There are times when you will want to give a refund to a tenant for overpayments. 

Note: A refund is different than a Rent Discount, Credit, Concession, or Write off and Returning a Tenants Security Deposit, because the refund is coming from past income received. To accomplish a refund, an expense from the  Property will need to be created because it holds the original funds. 

How to Create a Tenant Refund

To refund a Tenant, there are 2 steps: 

Step 1 - Post an expense to the property the original funds were posted to.

  1. Click Properties 
  2. Right-click the Property that received the original income and click Post Expense
  3. Enter the details for the Payment, if you haven't created a custom category, you will want to use category 0000 uncategorized and using the dropdown by "Charge Tenant", select the Tenants name
  4. Post Expense

Step 2 - Edit the transaction to change the category 

  1. Click Properties 
  2. Click the balance to enter the ledger
  3. Click the paper/pencil to the right of the transaction to Edit
  4. Change the category from 0000 Uncategorized, to the category used when funds were originally received from the Tenant. (Most Commonly used 4000 Rental Income)
  5. Save Changes

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