Property Sort Order

The view of your Properties list is customizable with a few simple steps. 

Property Sort Options

You can have your Properties display either alphabetically by the property Nickname or alphanumerically by the Street Number

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Choose Program Defaults
  3. Under General Preferences use the Property List Sorting drop-down to choose Manual or Automatic
    Properties List Sort Order Settings
    1. When set to Automatic, the property display order is done alphabetically, by Nickname.
    2. When set to Manual, the property display order is done in alphanumeric order numbers entered into the Nickname, such as 123 Highland Street. If the property name contains numbers, then these numbers become the default sort value. What this means is that 123 Highland Street would be 123rd on the list, and 12 Main Street would be 12th on the list.

Adjust the Manual Sort Order of Your Properties

If you have set the Property List sorting order to Manual in your Settings, you can further customize the property location on the Properties List

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Properties
  2. Right-click on a property and choose Change Position
  3. Assign a numeric value to your property based on the order you wish it to appear.

    ExampleIf you would like the property to be 1st on the list, you would enter 1 as the New Sort Value.

    Tip: If later you wish to add in additional properties to your line-up, you are able to use decimal points so you will not have to re-number all of your properties.
  4. Click Submit when finished. 
Note: You can also change the hierarchy of a subunit by assigning it to, or removing it from, a complex from this Edit Property Position page. 
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