Automatic Email Notifications

Communicating with tenants is an integral part of managing properties. Your Rentec Direct property management software can save you time and provide peace of mind by automatically sending out timely notifications, reminders, updates, and confirmations. Copies of notifications can automatically be sent to you as well as property owners for pm users.

Setting up Automatic Email Notifications

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Tenants
  2. Find the tenant you want to edit in your tenant list
  3. Right click on the tenant's name and select Edit Tenant
  4. Under the Contact Information section, click the Enable box
  5. Make sure the tenant's email address is correct
  6. Click on the little paper/pencil icon to view the list of options

    Automatic notifications
  7. Select the notifications you would like to send the tenant

    Automatic notifications

  8. Below the list of notifications, you can select who to send copies to including:
    1. Myself
      1. For pro users, this will be the administrator of the account
      2. For pm users, this will be the property manager indicated in the property profile
    2. Property Owner (for Rentec PM users)
    3. Co-Renters / roommates


  • Automated Emails for new charges/credits are sent on the hour, every hour. 
  • Return to the Edit Tenant page at anytime you wish to edit those Email Notification choices or Disable them all together. 
  • You can manually send email templates directly to Tenants, Owners, Vendors or Groups by right clicking on their account then selecting Messaging from the menu.
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