Automatic Email Notifications

Your Rentec Direct property management software is designed to save you time with automated emails to tenants for important notifications: 

  • Send Overdue Emails will email your tenant once per week when their account is overdue.
  • Send Recurring Charge Emails will email your tenant any time an automatic recurring charge is posted to their ledger, such as their rent charge.
  • Send Charge Emails will email your tenant any time a new manual charge is posted to their ledger. 
  • Send Payment Emails will email your tenant upon any payment or credit posted to their account, such as an online rent payment or a rental concession.
  • Send Workorder Emails will email your tenant when workorders viewable by the tenant are completed. 

Enable Automatic Email Notifications 

After you have placed a Tenant into a Property, you will then have the option to activate email notifications and choose which notifications should be automated. 

More information on moving a tenant into a property can be found here: Place Tenant Into a Property | Move-In

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Go to the Edit Tenant page either by
    1. the Place New Tenant option or
    2. Click Tenants, then right-click and choose Edit Tenant from the menu. 
  2. On the Edit Tenant page, click the Email Notification box

    Tip: Unchecking the Email Notification box and using the Update Tenant button will turn off all Email Notifications.

    Automatic Email Notification Settings
  3. Use the paper/pencil icon to choose which Email Notifications you'd like to automate
  4. Click Submit Changes

    Automatic Email Notification Options
    System Note:
    Be sure the Tenants Email Address is in the Email Address field. 
  5. Click Update Tenant to save those changes. 


  • Return to the Edit Tenant page at anytime you wish to edit those Email Notification choices or Disable them all together. 
  • Automated Emails for new charges/credits are sent on the hour, every hour. 

You can manually send email templates directly to a tenant, owner, vendor, or group by right-clicking on their account and then selecting Send Messages from the menu.

More information on how to create email and text messaging templates can be found here: Creating Email and Text Messaging Templates

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