Data Import

Looking to get started with Rentec Direct fast?  Rentec offers data import services for our Pro or PM subscribers which can import your existing tenant/property/owner/vendor data and carry over your current balances for you. Simply copy your data on to our spreadsheet template(s) and we'll import it into your Rentec program for you.

This import tool is only available for a portfolio of 25+ properties and is limited to "monthly" rentals only. We also require a non-refundable payment to prepay for your first 3 months subscription fees to ensure that you are committed to using our solution before importing your data set. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and annual rentals will need to be entered manually.

Very Important Note! If you plan to use our import services, please do not manually enter any of your units or tenants into the program. The import is intended to enter them for you. If you enter them and then ask us to import them as well, they will be duplicated in your program. To avoid that, it will require us to purge the information you've entered so that we can complete the import, and all of time it took you to enter the data manually will be lost.


1) Entering Your Properties and Tenants...  

  1. Download the Import-Properties-and-Tenants.xlsx file.
  2. Download the Questionnaire.
  3. Download the Import Prepay Authorization Form.
  4. Populate the spreadsheet, questionnaire, and prepay authorization form with your own data.  
  5. Submit the data spreadsheet, questionnaire, and prepay authorization form by email to our secure inbox,  
2) Entering Your Property Owners... (optional)

  1. Download the Import-Owners-.xlsx file.  
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with your property owner data.
  3. A guide to help fill out the spreadsheet, can be found [here]: 
  4. Submit the spreadsheet along with the original spreadsheet and questionnaire.
3) Entering Your Vendors... (optional)

  1. Download the Import-Vendors.xlsx file.  
  2. Populate the spreadsheet with your property owner data.
  3. A guide to help fill out the spreadsheet, can be found [here]:
  4. Submit the spreadsheet along with the original spreadsheet and questionnaire.
Within our excel file templates are column headers and sample data. Please do not adjust the format of these templates as it will interfere with a successful import. We typically process imports within 7 business days and will send you a confirmation email when it's complete.

Past Transaction History:
Our import system places a beginning balance on all of your tenant accounts and does not import past transaction history. You will either need to manually enter your past transaction history, or make sure to account for those numbers when pulling your end of year reporting and filing any 1099-MISC forms.

Late Fees:
Late fees will not post to a tenant's account until their account has completed a billing cycle in Rentec. This means that when your data is imported, late fees will not be posted until the following month. If any of your tenants are currently late during the month they are imported, their late fees will need to be posted manually to each of their individual accounts.

Advanced Data Import:
If your data is in a different format or if you are having any challenge converting your data into the spreadsheet above, we also offer advanced data import services. With this service we will convert your data into a format that can be copied on to our template spreadsheets and then ran through our import tool.

For this we have experienced database administrators which will review the data you have in it's current format and give you a free estimate of the time/cost involved to convert the data to the Rentec Direct system. Advanced data import is available on a per-hour basis billed at $45 per hour to a Rentec Pro or PM account and $100 per hour to a Rentec Basic account.

Contact our support department at 800-881-5139 or for more information on this program.

Note: advanced import services may not be available if we do not have sufficient resources at the time of your request.    

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