Scheduling EasyPay Merchant Transactions For Tenants

Once your Rentec Account is enabled with access to EasyPay Merchant, you will want to begin scheduling your tenant's payments...

1) Allow your tenants to setup their online rent payments themselves. 

If you would like your tenants to be able to log into their online portal and schedule their own rental payments, those instructions can be found here: Online Rent Payments

2) Enter your tenant's payment information for them and schedule their payments for them.

On the Settings tab, under EasyPay select Written Document. This will require your tenants to download a form directly from their tenant portal to provide authorization to you to set up their online payments for them.

ACH setting options
We have provided you with two Tenant ACH Application examples of the authorization form.  Feel free to download these examples and customize them for use:

A sample MS Word authorization form can be found here:
MS Word Sample Authorization Form
A sample Adobe PDF authorization form can be found here: 
PDF Sample Authorization Form

Note: After uploading an authorization form, tenants will only be able to download the form if EasyPay is disabled on their account. Once you enable their account for EasyPay, the form is no longer able to be downloaded.   

A downloadable sample welcome letter explaining the portal/payment processing to your tenants can be found here: Welcoming Tenants

Next, head to the Tenant tab > right-click on the tenant's name and select Online Payments.  In the Online Payments screen, you will enter the tenant's checking account routing and account numbers, check the box to enable Online Payments and set what you will charge the tenant for an ACH convenience fee.  

If you will be scheduling your tenant's payment, you can do that from this screen.  For MultiPay, the frequency day is the day of the month/week this transaction is to happen on. With monthly transactions, the frequency day should be the actual day it is to pull. For weekly transactions, the frequency day corresponds to a day of the week:

1  = Sunday  2 = Monday, 3 = Tuesday, 4 = Wednesday, 5 = Thursday, 6 = Friday, 7 = Saturday. 

Both MultiPay and SinglePay payments can be scheduled on the day the pull is to happen, however, we recommend they be scheduled for the following day or later.  If you schedule for the same day, keep in mind payment must be scheduled before the last processing time for that day, or they will pull the next business day.

Payments scheduled in Rentec's system are submitted for processing three (3) times each day - 3:00 am, 4:30 pm, and 11:30 pm, Pacific.

Payments batch from Forte's system one (1) time each day at 4:30 pm, PST.

interval days tool tip

edit or enable tenant easypay settings

Note: To set up tenant payments, be sure to first have a phone number listed in the tenant file and a property address listed in the property details as transactions will not process without either of those details. Tenants must be placed into a property (unit) in Rentec, in order for their online payments to process. Payments will not process if a tenant's status is listed as "inactive" or "archived".

Tenants will not be able to submit their rent payments after 11:00pm, PST. If they do, their payment will not run until the following day at 6:00am.

Once you have enabled a tenant's EasyPay, they will be able to edit their payments from their portal. Detailed tenant portal instructional videos can be found here: Tenant Portals.

To track your EasyPay scheduled payments, you can pull the Financial Reports "Completed EasyPay" and "Upcoming EasyPay".   Note that any failed EasyPay payments from tenants will be emailed to you directly from your merchant account provider.  Once a transaction has failed, there will not be any subsequent attempts.  You will need to post this failed transaction within the program in the tenant's ledger. Information on posting an NSF transaction can be found here: Returned Check, NSF, Failed Payment

****NOTE:  The interface is set to handle ACH transactions from checking accounts, however most banks will accept an ACH draft request from a Savings account. The routing number for ACH transactions with a savings account should be verified with the tenant's bank as this is not always the same number that is listed on their deposit slip.  If the transaction fails, a possibility could be that your tenant's bank will not accept the standard ACH draft and in that instance, another arrangement should be made with your tenant.


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