Building Your Own Website (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

Rentec Direct gives you an easy tool to create a free stunning and professional website so your tenants, clients, and contacts can easily find you online.  

This free website is a sub-domain and does not include a security certificate, however, all payment processing screens are redirected to our secure https website. 

The following is a quick walk-through. CLICK HERE for a complete manual on how to start building your website using our provided templates.

Click the Settings tab, and select Professional Website & Branding...

Note: only the primary administrative login will have access to these settings.

You will then see the website builder tool, where you can edit the content for each of your pages, select a custom web address, choose a color scheme for your site, and upload your company logo. Advanced options are also available for Google analytics and registered domain names. 

Tip: to learn more about what a particular setting does, hover your mouse over the blue question mark.

Website & Branding options

Your website includes a Home Page, an About Us Page, a Contact page and your Rentals listing page. Click on one of the following buttons to pull up the website builder tool and start editing the desired web page for your professional website.

   Website Pages

We provide professional templates, all you have to do is provide the content about your business.  You can upload your own text and pictures in the templates provided, or delete everything and start from scratch for your own format. Here is what the editor looks like when you click on the Home Page button...

Edit website text and images

While using the editor, you can click the Preview button on the top-right corner to see a preview of what your website will look. You can click the Save Draft button at the bottom to save the edits you've made so far, and you can click the Publish button at the bottom to make your website live for the public to view on the internet. 

After you save or publish your website, the time stamp will show on the bottom-right corner to show the date and time of when you last saved or published the page.

- - - 

CLICK HERE to see an example of what the website looks like.

How To View Your Website

Input your web address <yourbrand> into the URL window at the top of your browser. In order to see your website live you will need to have updated and saved new content in the Website Editor tool.   

Example of customized website

CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions on creating your own website.

If you already own your own domain, CLICK HERE for instructions on how to point your domain to our servers.

TIP:  If you would like to create a phone link so people visiting your website may call you directly from your contact page on their mobile device you can use this shortcut to create that link

How to add a link or phone number

Add a clickable phone number to your website

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