Undo a Bank Reconciliation

There may be times when you need to make corrections to previously reconciled transactions. Your Rentec Direct property management software allows you to undo reconciliations that were previously made to make any necessary corrections or adjustments.

Note:  Prior to undoing a reconciliation, you may want to review the option with your accountant.

How to Undo a Reconciliation

The following steps will walk you through how to undo a bank reconciliation.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Banking
  2. Right-click on the account and choose Notes & History 
  3. Click the Undo link 
  4. Press Confirm Undo

Undo Reconciliation

After a reconciliation has been reversed, the ledger  Notes & History will automatically be updated to reflect that action. Those transactions will revert to being unreconciled, and will again be listed within the Reconciliation tool. 

The Undo option is available for all reconciliations processed on or after December 14, 2020. If the reconciliation occurred before that date, use the instructions in the next section to undo individual transactions. 

Un-reconcile One or More Individual Transactions

In the event you inadvertently marked a transaction reconciled and wish to reverse it, those items will need to be edited individually. 

A. We recommend you first pull the reconciliation report to locate which transaction needs to be edited.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Banking.
  2. Right-click on the account and select Notes & History 
  3. Click the report icon link to download the report. 

    Un reconcile

B. Next step is to edit the transaction(s).  

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on the Balance to enter the ledger.
  2. Scroll to find your transactions (which will be marked with a bold "R" in the far right column) and edit each transaction in question using the pencil/paper icon.undo reconciliation
  3. Adjust the transaction from Reconciled to either Cleared or Uncleared.

    Undo reconciliation

  4. Click on Save Changes

System AdviceWe recommend you add a new note to the account Notes & History to ensure you have a clear trail of the chain of events. Once you have un-reconciled the transaction, that transaction will be available for a new reconciliation.

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