Ordering Credit and Criminal Reports

Once you are setup for credit and criminal screening, ordering reports is very quick.  Visit the Reports tab > click Order a Report button on left hand side of screen. You will then be presented with the following screen...

Select the reports you wish to order, and click the Next button. Each report will display how long it takes to run. Some reports are instant where they return in less than 60 seconds, others such as county level criminal searches can take 1-3 business days..  

  • Nationwide ReportsIf you want to skip right to the national reports, choose this option.  You will be presented with our most popular reports immediately which include Nationwide Criminal, Credit Check, Eviction Checks, and other popular nationwide reports.

  • Criminal Intellisearch - This is a FREE search that will scan through national databases and locate your subject's known places of residence and offer search suggestions based on their past residences.
  • Criminal Manual Search - By entering here you can manually choose the state and county level searches you wish to run on the tenant.  You will be prompted to choose a state, and then be able to select specific reports from the state and counties within the state manually.  This is the place to go if you need to verify a state or national report by backing it up with a county level report.

After selecting your products, click Next to send in your order.  These fees will be charged to the bank account or credit/debit card information that you have on file with Rentec on your subscription due date. You can change the billing information that you have on file by going to the Settings tab > click on Your Account & Subscription.  

Depending on the number of products selected, this can take from 5 to 60 seconds to process, at which time you will be presented with a link to review your reports. You will also get an automated email letting you know when your reports are ready.

To review your reports later, you can go to the Reports tab > and Screening Reports.  After clicking on the applicant's name, a list of previously ordered reports will be available.  

Some tenant screening reports (like bankruptcies, judgments, liens, evictions, and some criminal reports) rely only on the tenant name and birth date. This is because the county or state which recorded the event only recorded it with this data. In order to provide you complete reports, we include all likely matches, unless a more relevant match can be guaranteed. Most nationwide, state, and county criminal reports will show an Identifying Information line which will specify which match criteria were used. If it does not show it matches the SSN of the tenant, the match is not guaranteed and could be someone else.  

*** Note:  For security and privacy reasons, credit and criminal data will not be stored indefinitely.   Tenant screening reports are designed to help in the selection of a tenant and are for one-time use only.  Rentec Direct will archive these reports for a minimum of 60 days.

Rentec Direct will archive credit reports ordered through the system for up to 90 days, and criminal reports for up to 180 days.  After this time, the data may no longer be accessible via the Rentec Direct interface.

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