Managing Rental Applications (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

Once an applicant has filled out and submitted their online rental application, it will then be made available to you in your Rentec account, so that you can process it.

You will receive an email notification, and a notification will appear on the Summary tab...

Summary tab

A notification also shows on the Properties tab and will display on the unit that the applicant has applied to rent..

Properties tab

At any time, you can go to the Summary tab, click the Quick Access Links button and then select Applications from the menu to see a list of all of the rental applications that have been submitted to you...

Quick access for applications

From this application list, you can view your unread and read applications, and check the Display Closed box on the left side of the screen to view any applications that you have previously approved or declined...

display closed applications

If you double-click on an application or click the icon with the red arrow on it, the application will open so that you can view it. From the view screen, you will have options to Approve / Add Tenant, Decline Application, Print Application and towards the bottom left there is an option to Order Background Check...

Approve, decline, or add a tenant

 If you select Approve / Add Tenant, the program will automatically populate the applicant's information on to the add tenant screen for you ... you can then click the Add Tenant button to add the tenant to your list of inactive tenants so that you can then place the new tenant into a unit.  

Note: You will want to ensure that you click the blue Add Tenant button, otherwise the tenant will not be added. Please also note that only the first applicant listed on the application can be automatically populated on to the add tenant screen for you. If there are any additional applicants listed, you will need to manually copy their information and add the applicant to the Tenants tab.

addadd application to the tenants tab

If you select Decline Application, the status of the application will change to Declined ... the application will close, but can still be accessed at any time from the application list by checking the Display Closed box on the left side of the screen...

display closed applications

If you select Order Background Check, the program will take you to the order a report screen and will once again carry over and populate the applicant's information on to the page for you. The screen will also display the applicant's address for you so that you can copy the address into the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the screen so you can ensure that the address is entered correctly before submitting your order.

If you are not familiar with the "order a report" screen, clicking the Next > button at the bottom of the screen will forward you on to the next screen which will then allow you to select which screening reports you would like to order. Pricing is displayed next to each report, as well an approximate delivery date. The reports can be ordered by selecting a package or they can be ordered a la cart. 

Further instructions can be found here: Ordering Credit and Criminal Reports

background check for tenant screening

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