Online Applications, Fees & Screening Reports (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

Within your Rentec program, you have the ability to not only market your property, you can accept online rental applications and application fees. Below are the necessary steps you will want to take to be able to accept online applications, accept online application fees and then run tenant screening reports.

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1. SUBMIT AN APPLICATION PACKET TO GET SET-UP FOR TENANT SCREENING:  The packet can be found by clicking on your Reports tab, Screening Reports and "click here" in the middle of that screen.  Return the packet by email or fax as instructed in the packet.  We can have you set-up to pull credit report cards within 24 business hours.

2.  SUBMIT AN APPLICATION TO SET-UP PAYMENT PROCESSING:  EasyPay Merchant is what we call our payment processing within Rentec.  It allows you to accept online credit/debit card payments from applicants for the application fee and for tenants to pay rent through their bank account or by credit/debit card.  The application for this can be found under your Settings tab and "Setup EasyPay."  You can choose our simple plan (no merchant) or go for our more robust option of having your own merchant account.  EasyPay Merchant setup generally takes 7-14 days to be completed.

3.  ESTABLISH YOUR APPLICATION  & FEE:  Once you are set-up to pull tenant screening reports and handle payment processing in the program, you will need to establish your personal application and what you want to charge your applicant for the application fee.  To do this, go to your Settings tab and select Application Defaults.   From here, you are able to select default questions and create custom questions and personal application instructions.   Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the application to enter your application  fee.  Accepting an application fee requires an EasyPay Merchant account with Credit Card processing enabled.  Your account will be charged for the credit card processing fee and you in turn can decide if you would like to increase your application fee in order to help absorb the cost.

4.  ENABLE ONLINE LISTINGS & RENTAL APPLICATIONS:  To accept an application online, head to your Property tab, right-click on the property name and select Edit Property.  Next, enter the Property Menu (upper right.)  In the Profile/Marketing section, you will notice at the right a place to enable online applications for your property.  If you look to the bottom right, you will see the web address for this property and the instructions on how to create Craig's Lists ads, too.

5.  VIEW APPLICATION & PULL TENANT SCREENING REPORTS:  Once an application has been received, you will be notified in your program through the Summary tab, under Notices. When you view the application, you will be offered an option to either approve and add the tenant to the property, or choose to pull tenant screening reports on the applicant.  After you have pulled the reports on the applicant, they will be viewable in the Reports/Screening Reports tab.

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