Renters Insurance

Rentec Direct Property Management Software Provides the Tools to Manage Renters Insurance. Rentec Direct has partnered with Sure to offer tenants the option of purchasing renters insurance directly through their portal from leading providers. 
Learn more about how Renters Insurance benefits tenants, property managers, and landlords here.
Note: Verify renters insurance laws in your area, as they may vary

Prepare Your Account to Require and Track Renter's Insurance

There are three quick steps that prepare your account for managing renters' insurance. If you would like to add, update, or verify the settings, click on the indicated links.

  1. Set Program Defaults that will apply to all current and future tenants
    1. Indicate how many days before insurance expires to alert your team
    2. Allow tenants to purchase insurance through their portal
  2. Indicate Renters Insurance requirements in properties. Edit Property
  3. Enable tenant portals so tenants can log in and access insurance options

Notifications and Insurance Alerts

Easily identify Insurance Alerts in your account.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Summary
  2. Under Quick Access 
    1. Insurance Expiring Soon lets you know a policy is expiring within your selected time frame
    2. Insurance Required lets you know a tenant hasn't provided insurance information
  3. Review Insurance Documents lets you know that tenants have submitted documents through their portal that need to be reviewed
    1. Right-click on the tenant and select File Library
    2. Click on the document to view

Pro Tips:

  • Check insurance status for all tenants using insurance search filters. Click here for more information on Searching within Rentec Direct  
  • Identify tenants that have submitted documents with a shield/link by their name in the tenant list. Clicking on the shield will display the document list
    Review Renters Insurance Documents RD
  • Schedule automated Tenant Renters Insurance reports weekly or monthly with the new Schedule and Send Reports to Owners and Managers ✨

How it All Comes Together

When tenants log into their portal, they will see the following options:

  1. If no insurance is required, they will have the option to Purchase Renters Insurance or Decline Insurance 
  2. If $100,000 is required in the property settings, they will have the option to Purchase Renters Insurance or Send Insurance Documents
    1. When insurance is purchased through Sure
      1. The Tenants' insurance information is automatically entered in the insurance portion of their profile
      2. The Tenant will automatically be removed from Insurance Required under Quick Access
        Purchase renters insurance RD
  3. If more than $100,000 is required, they have the option to Send Insurance Documents. When Send Insurance Documents is selected there will be an option to upload documents through the portal or physically mail the documents to an address indicated:
    1. For PRO clients, the address displayed is of the administrator of the account
    2. For PM clients, the address displayed is of the Property Manager assigned to the property
  4. When documents are submitted through the tenant portal, there will be a notification or insurance alert, as previously mentioned.

Reviewing Insurance Documents

When there's a notification that insurance documents have been submitted, you can easily access and review the documents and update tenant insurance information.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Summary
  2. Under Quick Access, click on Review Insurance Documents
  3. Right-click on the tenant and select File Library
  4. Click on the document to review

Update Tenant Insurance Information

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Tenants
  2. Right-click on a Tenant and select Edit Tenant
  3. Under Insurance Information, click on Edit Insurance
  4. Enter policy information
  5. Click on SAVE
  6. Click on Update Tenant

Edit Renters Insurance Rentec Direct

System Note:  To waive insurance requirements for specific tenants in a property, uncheck the Insurance Required checkbox.

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