Renters Insurance

Rentec Direct is pleased to partner with Sure to help customers purchase and manage insurance policies offered from the leading providers like Nationwide, Chubb, Markel, AmTrust, QBE, Hartville, Marsh, and Assurant.

Renters Insurance Through Rentec Direct

The renters insurance features from Rentec Direct lets you establish renters insurance requirements for each property and tenant. If your tenants already have a renters insurance policy, they will be able to submit proof via the Tenant Portal for you to track compliance.

If your tenants do not have their own renters insurance, they can access the Sure App portal via the Tenant Portal to shop for an affordable policy for their needs.

How to Set Up Renters Insurance Requirements For a Property

The first step is to determine which of your properties you want to require that tenants have renters insurance.
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Properties.
  2. Right-click Property and choose Edit Property.
  3. In the Financial section use the Insurance Required selector to set the property's insurance requirements. 
  4. Click Save Changes
$100,000 is the most common required amount for landlords of single-family and multi-family dwellings, and currently, the only option offered by Sure. If you require your tenants to have more than $100,000 in liability insurance, they will be prompted to upload proof of coverage from their own carrier via the Tenant Portal.

The Insurance Required Selection Options are explained as follows:

Purchase Insurance Through Sure App
If you wish to allow tenants to purchase insurance online via the Sure app insurance portal, choose the 100,000 option.
Proof of Insurance from Another Provider
When you choose other amounts (250,000-1,000,000) it tells the system that you want the tenant to send documented proof of insurance purchased through another agency.
Will Not Require Renters Insurance
If you select None, insurance is not required but the tenant may still optionally purchase insurance for the property on their own. This will not be reflected in your Administrative interface, since there is no requirement to send you the documents.


When your properties require renters insurance, you will find a notification on the bottom of the Summary under Quick Access. 

You'll find Insurance notifications in the drop-down list at the top of the Tenants List as well. 

Renter Insurance Details

If the tenant has purchased insurance from Sure using our system, you can view and edit the tenant’s insurance details. 

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Tenants.
  2. From the Tenant List right-click on the Tenant and choose Edit Tenant. Note: If a tenant has purchased insurance elsewhere, choose File Library instead as the insurance documents they upload will be located there.  
If a tenant has provided physical proof of insurance to your office, you can enter the information manually. If the tenant has uploaded digital copies of proof to the tenant portal, you can update the insurance requirement.
If the tenant has applied for insurance via our Sure insurance agent partnership, the insurance details will be obtained automatically by the system to minimize work on your part.

renters insurance information

Note that you may also waive insurance requirements for specific tenants in a property by unchecking the Insurance Required checkbox.

Tenant Portal Insurance Purchase Options

We have partnered with Sure, an insurance agency that provides an online portal for insurance applications. To give your renters the easiest way to find and purchase renters insurance, we’ve created a connection between the Rentec Direct Tenant Portal and the Sure.

To activate the Sure App portal for your tenants

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings.
  2. From Program Settings choose Program Defaults.
  3. Select Yes for the option titled Allow renters to purchase insurance in the tenant portal?
  4. Click Save Changes
Now, the Tenant Portal will provide options both for online insurance purchase as well as document upload. The online purchase greatly reduces your workload by automating the delivery of proof of insurance to the Rentec Direct system.
The Tenant Portal now features options for insurance purchase as well as status updates for the application process or for active insurance policies.
In the following screenshot, the renter is required to purchase insurance for one unit, while the second unit is optional.

Tenant Portal purchase renters insurance

Online Insurance Purchase

When the renter chooses to purchase insurance online, our Sure App partner portal is presented. Through Sure, the renter completes a questionnaire that is used by the broker to determine rates. Tenants can select from a variety of the top insurance providers for a policy that fits their needs.
Completing this process creates a pending insurance record that will automatically be activated in the Rentec Direct system when confirmation of the purchase is received from Sure. If the renter chooses to cancel the insurance policy, the system will be automatically notified.

apply for renters insurance

Uploading Proof of Insurance

If the tenant purchases renters insurance elsewhere, they may still upload a copy of the insurance statement for entry into the Rentec Direct system. They may select a digital copy of the insurance page for upload from their computer or take a photo with a mobile phone.

upload insurance documents

The Tenant Portal features are available in the new Resident Connect mobile app, ensuring the greatest ease of access for your renters. More information on the mobile app can be found here: Resident Connect Mobile App of the Tenant Portal
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