Update an Incorrect Move-in Date

If you inadvertently entered an incorrect move-in date for a tenant, you can update that information in the system. By entering an incorrect move-in date, the tenant ledger may need to be corrected which can be done using this same tool. 

How to Update an Incorrect Move-In Date

It's easy to make any correction you need regarding a tenant move-in date. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Tenants
  2. Right-click the tenant and select Update Lease on the drop-down menu
  3. Enter the correct move-in date

    Update incorrect move-in date

  4. You can choose to have this new date impact the tenant's ledger or not depending on your needs: 
    1. To only adjust the move-in date and not the accounting (charges) on the tenant's ledger, leave Update Accounting option default at No. This will reflect the move-in date you specified while keeping the existing charges on the tenant's ledger.  
    2. To adjust the rent charges on the ledger to correspond with the new move-in date change the Update Accounting option to Yes. This will remove all historical rent charges up until the new move-in date which can be very useful if you inadvertently made the Begin Charges date the same as the Move-In date in error when placing an existing tenant into the software. Important Note: Not recommended unless it's to correct an error in Rent Amount or Begin Charge date when tenant was recently placed in a property in the software.  

      Note: If you are Updating Accounting to remove the historical rent charges on the tenant ledger, but would like for the system to still reflect the actual move-in date for the tenant first enter the date you'd like to have the system start posting charges and Save. Then, come back to these instructions and proceed with step 4a and 5 to save the actual date of move-in.  

      System Note: If the property settings create management fees based on the setting: Charged Rent, changing the move-in date and using the Update Accounting option may create duplicate management fees on the property which will need to be manually deleted. 

      More information on deleting transactions can be found here: Edit, Correct, or Delete Transactions
  5. Click the Save Move-In Date button when finished

Lease Expiration and Escalation Tools

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