Merchant Account Setup Part 2

Setup EasyPay

Once you have been approved for a merchant account, visit Settings, Setup EasyPay and you will be presented with the screen below. Please verify that these settings are configured to your satisfaction and enter the email address where you would like us to send the payment notifications.

1) Set the Default Incoming Account and the Default Outgoing Account settings to match the checking account you provided on your Forte merchant application so Rentec can automatically apply payments to the correct account.  

2) If you applied for credit card processing, you can enable credit card payments by selecting Yes on the Enable Credit Card Payments in Tenant Portals? setting.  Then check the box next to each card type that you would like to accept, and enter the convenience fee percentage you wish to charge your tenants at the time they make their payment.  You will be charged 2.75% (or current rate).

3) Enable ACH processing by selecting Yes on the Enable ACH Payments in Tenant Portals? setting.
(Tenants will not be able to pay online if this setting is set to No.)  If you want to charge an ACH transaction fee, be sure to enter it here.

Setting "Tenant Provides ACH Authorization by:" to Tenant Portal will allow your tenants to enter their bank information themselves and schedule their own online payments through their online portal.

If you prefer to enter your tenant's bank information yourself, select Written Document instead. You will want to create your own Tenant Authorization Form and you are also welcome to download our application examples as a template (top right) in order to create your own form.  

EasyPay Settings

Schedule A Tenant Payment

To schedule a payment for a tenant, go to the Tenants tab, right-click on any tenant and choose 'EasyPay'.  There you can enter the routing #, account #, and ACH fee (if any) you wish to charge them as well as set up one time or recurring transaction.  Be careful though, as the system is live, any charges entered into the system will process from this point forward.

Schedule a Tenant Payment with EasyPay

Full instructions can be found here: How to schedule payments for tenants

Submit An Owner Disbursement

You can also pay your owners with ACH using the Pay Owner Disbursement Wizard. Full instructions can be found here: Pay Owner Disbursements (owner distributions) 


To test your new merchant account follow these instructions here: Test Your Merchant Account

Rentec Direct provides reporting of all the transactions; however, FORTE will also be providing you with a Virtual Terminal reporting system that can be used for additional reconciliation or for double-checking any transaction's processing status.  

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