Marketing Your Rental Through Online Listings (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

Marketing a Rental Listing Online

To begin marketing your property, right-click on the property name (in the Properties tab) and choose 'Marketing Info' from the menu.

Property menu for marketing options

Enter the details for the property as requested by the form.  The Contact Info that you enter on this form will display on your listing website as shown below.  

To begin advertising your rental,
 check the box next to the 'Publish Online Listing' option. This will post the property to the Rentals tab in your Rentec Direct custom website and the listings website page,****.

Checking the ' Enable Syndication' option will send the listing to Rentec Direct's syndicating partner sites immediately; however, it can take up to 72 hours for the listing to be published on their sites. If you don't see your listing in 72 hours, this article may help with understanding why your listing is not being picked up by our syndicating partners.   Note:  To disable this "syndication" to 3rd party sites, un-check the box next to the "Enable Syndication" option and then click the Save Property Profile Button. It will then take up to 72 hours for your listing to be removed from the syndicated sites.  

Marketing a Rental Listing and Accept Applications

To accept rental applications, check the box next to the ' Accept Online Applications' option. Further instructions for setting up your rental applications can be found here.

You are able to  upload pictures of the property here as well. Once uploaded, you can arrange the display order, rotate the image, and rename the file by right-clicking on one of the images. Once you have entered all of the appropriate information and all of your settings are configured, click the 'Save Property Profile' button to save your changes and post your listing.

Take note of the website links in the lower right corner in the "Resources" box. These links can be used to link into an outside website or if you do not plan to utilize Rentec Direct's free website tool, they can be shared as a marketing web address. 

To learn more about Lead Tracking and how Rentec Direct's marketing tools will help improve your occupancy rates, CLICK HERE

You can also quickly make a great-looking Craigslist ad here by clicking the 'Craigslist listing' link on the right after you save your details.  We create a Craigslist ad for you; however, per Craigslist policies it has to be posted manually. CLICK HERE for separate instructions.

Here's an example of what your rental listing will look like on your website or your unique marketing website page:

Rental listing example
A video tutorial on how to set up online listings can be found here:

How To Edit The Rent Amount Displayed On The Syndicated Sites  

Go to the  Properties tab and right-click on the property, and select Edit Property. On the edit screen, change the Default Rent setting and save your changes. It can then take the syndicated sites up to 72 hours to update the listing on their sites once you make that change in Rentec. 

How To Edit The Contact Information Displayed On The Syndicated Sites

When you add or edit a property, you'll see a setting for Property Manager that allows you to assign a manager to the property. The syndicated sites use the property manager's contact information. To edit a property manager's contact information go to Settings > Setup Property Managers, then click the edit button next to the manager that you would like to edit.

If you have the Property Manager field set as None or if you are not subscribed to Rentec PM, then the syndicated sites will use the contact information that you have entered under Settings > Your Contact Information. 

How Do I Provide An Online Rental Application Without Posting My Rental Listing Online?

When you create a listing and post it, you can disable the syndication so that the listing only shows on your Rentec listing page (ie: and not on the other sites such as Zillow and Trulia. This way you can send the applicant directly to your listing page so that they can fill out the application. Your listing is still posted online, but people will only see it if you tell them where to find it.

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